Deborah A. Deery
Deborah A. Deery

Welcome to the web site of Deb Deery, from Philadelphia, PA!

Deborah Deery was born August 28, 1963 and passed away August 19, 2013.


Deborah was a full time faculty member in the Art Education department at Moore College of Art and Design.  For a number of years as an adjunct professor at Moore, she taught art at both Philadelphia public and parochial schools to students from Pre-K through 12th grade.  Deborah believed that it is not only important, but absolutely necessary to incorporate art history into the art making process for students of all ages.


As an undergraduate student at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) in the Industrial Design department, Deborah always felt it was vital to learn about the history of design, architecture and objects, in addition to the technical skills involved in creating pieces.  She believed we cannot fully realize our potential and the possibilities in our own art making until we have an understanding of the past.


Although Deborah had worked 3dimensionally to create furniture and sculpture, her priority over the last several years of her life had been her landscape painting.   She researched and traveled frequently to California and Arizona to sketch, photograph and capture the vast landscape that exists in the desert southwest and Pacific Coast.  Deborah's hopes were to encourage viewers to see the landscape in a natural setting void of tourists and human contact as they would if visiting directly.  Her paintings offer viewers a glimpse into the changing landscape captured at various times of day.

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